About HKSF

Map of “USSEA” and Protagonist: “Veralisa Sindile”

Heavenly Kingdom Special Forces is an in the works fantasy novel series.

Fairytale, myth, legend, folklore. A marriage of multiple controversial themes, drawing inspiration from geopolitical events both historical and current.

Working Titles:

  • Project Veralisa
  • Operation: Seven_Churches

Heavenly Kingdom Special Forces V2
Mock Cover Image / NaNoWriMo

Production Status of HKSF Book 1: 

  1.  Draft-01 in the works – ETA 27th November 2017
    60k Words as of 5th March 2017
  2. Draft-02 Revision – ETA 27th November 2018
  3. Agent search/Publisher Queries – Mid/Late-2019
  4. Book 01 published worldwide by 27th November 2022

< HKSF: Vera and the (attribute_classified_?) – TBA: Q3-2022 >

Publishers Wishlist:

/* Minerva’s imo/tbh: if agents and publishers have a wishlist, I can too! */

/* Re: Strong Language?*/
Our protagonist was born in the ghetto, and is an enlisted conscript. Shying away or ‘toning down’ on the harsh language would hurt the pseudo-realistic side of it.

“Don’t you  tell me teenagers don’t swear. That’s a lie.”
“All teenagers swear.”

“Teenagers swear.”
– Minerva M.S. (美能法)


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